On a bright sunny afternoon of 25 August, the SSIOS family had the blessed opportunity to host more than 50 wonderful families from underprivileged backgrounds at our National Day Family Carnival held at the Sri Ruthrakaliamman Temple.

The day stretched from 1pm all the way till 6pm, but it was evident that the five hours zoomed by for the close to 200 parents, grandparents, caregivers and children, who spent the day with us playing games, singing songs, having henna designs drawn for them and, of course, enjoying the wonderful spread of sumptuous vegetarian fare prepared specially for them. Extra effort was put in to make sure the little ones, in particular, had a wonderful time, so special treats like ice creams of various flavours and Nutella sandwiches were prepared and, needless to say, snapped up in no time!

Service to humanity is service to divinity, said our Dearest Swami. Indeed, as we saw the families’ faces light up with joy, as we heard the peals of laughter ringing through the halls and sanctum of the temple, and the excited chatter of the both adults and kids alike moving from game to game…we felt our hearts expand and our egos contract. For in letting us serve them, these wonderful families were actually helping us come even closer to our Dearest Sai.

Check out the pictures of the glorious day we spent interacting with these amazing families!