Sound Mind Sound Body – A Divine Prescription

Breakout Session with Dr. Pal Dhall


Session Opening

Following a brief overview by Dr Pal Dhall on this talk on “Sound Mind Sound Body – A Divine prescription,”, participants in two groups, were posed with a generic question on “Do a Self-Review of your life incidences during the past 1 week” and they were asked to share their experiences.

Participants were given 10 minutes to reflect on significant experiences that they wished to share. They were then asked to see if that experience was a challenge or positive experience that could be used by all in case if any were to face such a time in life situations.


Challenges Faced

  • High self-expectations with respect to balancing Swami’s work and family responsibilities
  • Eating in moderation to maintain a healthy weight
  • Work commitments do not enable a healthy exercise regime
  • Comparing oneself with those who are more disciplined and feeling bad about oneself
  • Unable to deal with the challenge of sudden turmoil in life
  • Guilt in failing as a leader – unable to keep the team motivated while at the same time keeping up with the business targets


Pragmatic Solutions and Insights

  • Accepting the situation and working on a way around to solve it
  • Surrendering to Swami and going inwards (listening to the Swami within)
  • Develop compassion for people provoking you.
  • Be aware and rely on the internal capital of good qualities
  • Practice Meditation
  • Nama smarana- visualize your deity around you
  • Mantra -with clear understanding of the meaning
  • Build an illuminated mind - so that nothing upsets you.
  • Silent sitting is a form of cultivating meditation which will enable one to practice meditation every moment of life
  • Practical spirituality - it is having a relationship with God


In Summary

  • Be Aware of mind and emotions, Be Sensitive to detect it early enough, Be aware of early symptoms (Fear, sadness, anger and hostility).
  • Your mind is constantly drawing you to the activity and watching you engaging in the activity (witness). We misidentify with the focus on the activity, we are drowning the witness side. Decouple the emotional drama and become the witness.
  • Surrender to our own higher self (Swami). Healing power is within you.
  • Take the negative energy and use it as a manure to develop your mind. Convert it to positive energy.  Immune system will create chemicals that will heal.